I Am Writer


One of my favorite things about creating stories to share with you is the magic that seemingly springs out of the blue.

So I’m writing away, working from a synopsis, which is like a road map that tells me where I should go in order to reach that optimistic ending that is the payoff for all the suffering I put my characters through. Oh, yeah, I so enjoy making them suffer. :- )

As I labor to bring the story in my head to life on the page, suddenly the plot takes a turn I never planned for. Always an enjoyable surprise. Or the characters take charge and speak or act in totally unexpected and unanticipated ways. I love when this happens! Mind you, I don’t let them veer off on tangents too far removed from their story. Otherwise, you readers tend get frustrated–and so do I.

But when I trust them enough to give them free rein, amazing things happen. For that, I am beyond grateful.

I love my job, and it’s time I got back to it and let the magic unfold.

Wishing you magic, and until next time,


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Pocket Full of … Magic


I believe in magic. It is everywhere–provided we open our eyes and see it. For example, not long ago, I was watering the back garden, as I often do on an early summer morning. Suddenly a hummingbird appeared and landed right on top of the spray!


He (his iridescent green color told me he was a male) wasn’t more than 3 feet from my face and looked straight at me, his amazing wings blurring with their rapid and incessant fluttering, while his feet moved as he balanced on the spray. I wanted to call out for someone to see this amazing sight. I wanted to take a photo and capture the moment. Of course, I didn’t do anything at all, just stood transfixed until he flew off. Now, that’s what I call magic! I will never forget it.

But more mundane things are also magic. The sight of the sun, glistening on water. I can almost imagine a sparkly creature floating on the surface, providing me with what-if moments of fun.

sun glinting on water

The same can be said of the sun on autumn leaves.


Or the magical smells that come from a soft rain. I could go on and on. Instead, I’ll leave you to find your own magical moments.

Until Wednesday, and wishing you magic everywhere you look,

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Muse, grant me patience and wisdom

patience and wisdom

I love this! I happen to be short on patience–except when I work. Writing takes patience, diligence, and discipline–lots of all three.

So how did an impatient person like me choose writing as a profession? Beats me. 🙂

Actually, I think writing chose me. Stories filled my head and I had to put them on paper. Not just for me, but for others to enjoy.

When I write, the story is my entire focus. I forget about the future and the past and live totally in the now of the characters and the world I am creating. It’s magical!


I am passionate about writing and hopelessly addicted to it, and the magic and the joy of putting the story on paper (as well as the sweat and tears that are  part of the process) all contribute to that passion.

As for wisdom part of the top image, you know what they say: You finally get wise… and then you die. Nothing we can do about the dying part, but my plan is to keep growing (mentally, but hopefully not physically 🙂 ) and learning.How about you?

Until Monday, and wishing you patience, wisdom and a terrific weekend,


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