Pocket Full of … Magic


I believe in magic. It is everywhere–provided we open our eyes and see it. For example, not long ago, I was watering the back garden, as I often do on an early summer morning. Suddenly a hummingbird appeared and landed right on top of the spray!


He (his iridescent green color told me he was a male) wasn’t more than 3 feet from my face and looked straight at me, his amazing wings blurring with their rapid and incessant fluttering, while his feet moved as he balanced on the spray. I wanted to call out for someone to see this amazing sight. I wanted to take a photo and capture the moment. Of course, I didn’t do anything at all, just stood transfixed until he flew off. Now, that’s what I call magic! I will never forget it.

But more mundane things are also magic. The sight of the sun, glistening on water. I can almost imagine a sparkly creature floating on the surface, providing me with what-if moments of fun.

sun glinting on water

The same can be said of the sun on autumn leaves.


Or the magical smells that come from a soft rain. I could go on and on. Instead, I’ll leave you to find your own magical moments.

Until Wednesday, and wishing you magic everywhere you look,

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