Fantastic Friday: Giant Fudge Cookie Recipe

fudge cookie

I love to bake, even in warm weather. I made this last week and I’m still lickin’ my lips over it. If you love chocolate, add it to your must try list. And let me know how you like it.

The cookie

3 cups flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
2 eggs
1/2 tsp vanilla

The fudge

12 ounces chocolate chips
8 ounces cream cheese cut into chunks
2/3 cup evaporated milk
1- 1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup butter

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Flour and grease a  a 9 x 12 pan

In the top of a double boiler over water, melt chocolate chips, cream cheese and milk.  Set aside to cool slightly.  Cream together sugar, butter, eggs, flour, salt and baking powder.  Divide dough in half.  Spread half evenly over bottom of pan.  Gently spread chocolate mixture over dough.  Sprinkle remaining dough on top, pressing lightly.

Bake approximately 30 minutes or until done.

Yum! Happy eating and until Monday,


Hump Day Wednesday: Revisions, Revisions


Some people hate revising their writing, but I appreciate the chance to make my work stronger. So when I received a revision letter from my editor the other day, naturally I jumped at the chance to make changes.

Well…. not exactly. First, I moaned and groaned. Then I procrastinated for a day or two. But the clock is ticking and I need to get the job done. So I pulled up my Big Girl panties, sat down at my desktop and got down to business.

And guess what? The revisions are coming along and definitely making this a better book. I’m grateful for the opportunity to make those changes before you sit down to read it. Thanks, Adrienne!

Until Friday, and wishing you a fabulous day,


Motivational Monday: Be Proud of the Little Stuff


This saying really speaks to me. How about you?

Reaching a goal always feels good… It means that I did it! I accomplished what I set out to do. Ah…

But often, I forget to be proud as I complete the steps that will eventually take me to the end zone. And there are usually many, many of them, little tiny accomplishments that slowly and steadily add up. Why not celebrate those, too?

Remember those gold stars your teacher gave out for completing a task? Your parents probably used a similar goal chart, or maybe you use one with your kids. Each star is something to celebrate, and a full chart earns a a coveted trinket or treat .

To that end, I have created my own adult “gold star” box. Mine relates to writing, of course. At the beginning of each new project, I set a daily writing goal. Every day, I record the number of pages written, and I pay myself. Not much– $.25 per page written–but it adds up. The money goes into a box. As time goes on, I exchange the coinage for bills and the small bills for larger ones. When I finish the project and send it off, I get to spend the money on anything I want.

It’s fun and it works! Feel free to “steal” the idea and give it a try.

Until Wednesday, and wishing you pride in your accomplishments,


Hump Day Wednesday: Home!

theres no place like home (with home)

I’m home from a lovely vacation. And so happy to be here, sitting in my office  in my own house. The flights were a breeze–on time and smooth. I even got some work done. Even better, here in Seattle, the weather is warm and sunny. What a perfect welcome back.

I’m a little tired, though, as we had to get up at 4 am (ugh!) to catch an early-morning flight. After a good night’s sleep, I’m sure I’ll be good as new, ready to work hard. For now, though, I’m signing off.

Until Friday, and wishing you joy,


Motivational Monday: Vacation Ends

vaca FL

As my vacation draws to a close, I am ready to go home. To paraphrase my mom, “If you’re ready to go home, the vacation has worked its magic.” This one has! From the go-go of The Big Apple to the laid-back, lovely beach at Siesta Key, it’s been a terrific vacation.

Now, I’m looking forward to getting home. Yeah, that means opening the mail, paying bills, grocery shopping, doing laundry and all the other stuff that makes up my daily life. But I don’t mind. Most important of all, I’m eager to sit down in my office, fire up the desk top and write!

Okay, but on this last day in Paradise, I’m gonna play. In the Gulf. I’d best get to it.

Until Wednesday, and wishing you a rejuvenating vacation in the near future,


Fantastic Friday: Patience, Darling

turtle nest

‘Tis the season of sea turtle nesting here in Florida. From sunset to sunrise, beaches must be cleared of chairs and toys. At night, all windows facing the sea must either keep the lights off or pull the blinds and curtains.

Meanwhile, turtle enthusiasts keep watch for turtle nests. Each nest is marked with a sign and surrounded with yellow Keep Out tape. Viewing a nest is exciting. I’ve never been around to see the hatchlings, but I’ve sure watching them emerge must be amazing.

Finding and marking the nests, then keeping an eye on them takes love, devotion, and above all, patience.

Just like writing. Patience is key!  Learning the craft takes years, and I should know. Despite being a mutli-published author, I’m still learning the craft. The process of turning a germ of an idea into a full-fledged story with unforgettable characters takes time, care and incredible patience. And a strong does of passion, to fuel the process.

On that note, I think I’ll get back to my current work-in-process–slowly and patiently, because that’s how I get to the good stuff. 🙂

Until Monday, and wishing you a fabulous weekend packed with the good stuff,


Hump Day Wednesday: Grow that Creative Muscle!

sunset siesta key

Happy Wednesday!

I am on vacation on Siesta Key, which is in Sarasota, FL. What a fine place to vacation, and what spectacular sunsets!  Almost every evening, I head to the beach (about 500 yards from the front door) to join with others in enjoying the amazing sunset. Depending on weather–clouds or clear–the view always changes, and is always something special.

This year, I’m lucky enough to see a full moon along with the sunset. I rate that as applause-filled, standing ovation entertainment. Wish I could capture the sunset and the moonrise at the same time, because that is unforgettable. But I can’t, so just use your imagination. 🙂 That’s what it’s for, right?

Speaking of imagination… A few days ago, I had lunch with a friend. “I could never write a book,” she said. “I just don’t have the imagination.”

To which I replied, “If you never used your legs, the muscles would atrophy, right? I see the imagination as a ‘muscle’ in your brain. If you don’t use it, of course it won’t work very well. But once you start using it, it will grow and develop, until voila, you can call on it and use at will.”

And I mean that.

Until Friday, and wishing you a beautiful sunset–either right in front of your eyes and/or in your imagination,


Motivational Monday: Running with Your Peeps


I am vacationing on Siesta Key, FL, and so enjoying myself. As always, the weather in May is perfect! Wonderful for early morning beach walks. As the tide comes in or flows out, sandpipers run across the wet sand in search of breakfast. Sometimes they move in groups. Other times, they work alone. Which got me to thinking about  writing. More specifically, writers.

What’s she talking about? you’re probably wondering.

Writing is a solitary business. (But never lonely!) We writers spend long hours, sitting in our offices, breathing life into the stories in our heads. This is often a daunting task, but very rewarding. Especially when we hear from readers. 🙂

But sometimes, we need to get out, hang with our peeps and talk shop. It’s always great to share stuff about our own writing and the business of writing, a reminder that we are not alone, that there are others out there, doing what we do for similar reasons.

Time to get back to the ocean now.

Until Wednesday, and wishing you some serious fun with your peeps,


Fantastic Friday: Recipe!


Teriyaki Flank Steak

It’s time to fire up the barbeque grill.  But this favorite of mine tastes great even when broiled in the oven.  For the most flavorful results, marinate for 24 hours before cooking. You’ll need at least one good piece of flank steak, but this recipe makes enough marinade for two. Trust me, it tastes so good you’ll want to cook two. 🙂
1/4 cup soy sauce
3 Tbsp honey
3 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 1/2 tsp garlic powder
3/4 cup salad oil
1 finely chopped green onion

Mix in a 9 x 13 pan.

Score two flank steaks lightly with a knife.  Place in the sauce.  Turn over to coat both sides.  Cover with plastic wrap–otherwise, the sauce smells up the entire fridge. 😉 Refrigerate for 24 hours.  Turn several times so that both sides become thoroughly marinated.  (I usually start marinating in the early evening, then flip the meat over before I go to bed. Flip again in the morning, and  again a few hours before cooking.)

Toss the sauce and grill or broil five the meat minutes on each side, or until done enough to suit your tastes. If you’re like me, you’ll be drooling all the while.  Slice at an angle and serve.

Until Monday, and wishing you a weekend of happy eating,