Motivational Monday: Be Proud of the Little Stuff


This saying really speaks to me. How about you?

Reaching a goal always feels good… It means that I did it! I accomplished what I set out to do. Ah…

But often, I forget to be proud as I complete the steps that will eventually take me to the end zone. And there are usually many, many of them, little tiny accomplishments that slowly and steadily add up. Why not celebrate those, too?

Remember those gold stars your teacher gave out for completing a task? Your parents probably used a similar goal chart, or maybe you use one with your kids. Each star is something to celebrate, and a full chart earns a a coveted trinket or treat .

To that end, I have created my own adult “gold star” box. Mine relates to writing, of course. At the beginning of each new project, I set a daily writing goal. Every day, I record the number of pages written, and I pay myself. Not much– $.25 per page written–but it adds up. The money goes into a box. As time goes on, I exchange the coinage for bills and the small bills for larger ones. When I finish the project and send it off, I get to spend the money on anything I want.

It’s fun and it works! Feel free to “steal” the idea and give it a try.

Until Wednesday, and wishing you pride in your accomplishments,


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