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One of my favorite things about creating stories to share with you is the magic that seemingly springs out of the blue.

So I’m writing away, working from a synopsis, which is like a road map that tells me where I should go in order to reach that optimistic ending that is the payoff for all the suffering I put my characters through. Oh, yeah, I so enjoy making them suffer. :- )

As I labor to bring the story in my head to life on the page, suddenly the plot takes a turn I never planned for. Always an enjoyable surprise. Or the characters take charge and speak or act in totally unexpected and unanticipated ways. I love when this happens! Mind you, I don’t let them veer off on tangents too far removed from their story. Otherwise, you readers tend get frustrated–and so do I.

But when I trust them enough to give them free rein, amazing things happen. For that, I am beyond grateful.

I love my job, and it’s time I got back to it and let the magic unfold.

Wishing you magic, and until next time,


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