Time Flies…

Where does the time go? I have no answer to that! All I know is that February will soon be behind us.  Which got me to thinking about this apt reminder:


I fritter away so much time on social media or plunked in front of the tube, time I will never be able to get back. Sure, after a day spent writing, I am brain dead, but there are better things to do than sit some more. Things such as: take a walk and see what Mother Nature is showing off. Work in the garden. Clean out the closet. Buy a new plant or some seeds and plant them. Volunteer someplace. Cook. Open a book and read. Okay, I already do the last two. But you get the gist, right?

What can you do with your time?

Something to think about…

Until next time,

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Let’s All Go to the… Story?


I happen to enjoy movies, TV shows, plays, musicals–just about anything watchable.

But books….

A book can take me where no visual entertainment can, delving deep into a character’s pysche. Finding out what makes them tick, what they’re afraid of and what they truly desire… That’s what I want.

I have a confession, though. As a writer myself, I can’t help but read with a critical eye to how I’d improve on the story had I written it. That said, a truly good book, one in which I am captivated and engrossed, soon takes me beyond any kind of critiquing. I love that, love when I lose myself in a story. Visualizing the characters, feeling what they feel, and often wishing they knew what I knew so that they’d make more informed choices, finding out what happens next and next and next until the story ends–it doesn’t get better than that.


All this talk about books has revved me up. I think I’ll go outside, find a shady tree, sit down and read.

Until Wednesday, and wishing you a book that carries you away,


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