Breaking News!

For the first time in my writing career, I am self-publishing my latest series!

It’s fun and exciting. I can put out books as often as I like, rather than waiting for a publisher to set a schedule, and write what I want, instead of what the publisher expects. A very freeing experience, but also a ton of work. I would never self-publish a novel without first hiring a cover designer and a veteran editor to critique and help me craft each book into my best work yet. I also hire someone to correct spelling and punctuation errors.

The series is set in the fictitious town of Guff’s Lake, Oregon, in the heart of the Rogue Valley. Twelve month and 12 of the hottest firefighters ever, each appearing  on a different month on a firefighter calendar. This is why I call the series,Heroes of Rogue Valley: Calendar Guys.

All books will be stand-alone books, which means you can read them in any order.

Now for the breaking news:


The first two books of the series are out now!!

Meet Mr. January, the first hero featured in my Heroes of Rogue Valley: Calendar Guys series. Now available in print and ebook format I loved writing this book and am having so much fun with the series.

Ann_January300dpi1500x2400 lg

Senior Firefighter Adam Healey is a man with a mission: get promoted to lieutenant at the Guff’s Lake Fire Department. It’s time, but more important, the promotion will finally earn him the respect of his dying father. Single mom Samantha Everett’s deadbeat ex has left her to fend for herself, and she’s working hard to support her young son with her baking business. Neither Adam nor Samantha is looking for a relationship. But love has a way of surprising people…  

Meet Mr. February,  starring in book two of Heroes of Rogue Valley: Calendar Guys.  Available in print and e-book format.

Ann_February300dpi1500x2400 lg

Rafe Donato is a senior firefighter well aware that loving a woman can destroy a man. He will never trust any female with his heart. Jillian Metzger is a talented potter whose biological clock is ticking. Ready to fall in love, get married and start a family, Jillian wants what Rafe cannot give.

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Currently, I am hard at work on Mr. March. I’m not the fastest writer on the block, but I’m making good progress.

Happy reading, and thanks for letting me share this exciting news.

Until next time,
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Romance… It Does the Reader Good

One reason I write romance is because I believe in love.  And after all, love does make the world go round. Also because I enjoy a good story where the hero and heroine suffer and fight to get what they want–often head-to-head against each other. Where the odds are often stacked against them both in life and in love. But after all that suffering and angsting, in the end love triumphs, and the other challenges and hurdles just might get solved, too.


Life is full of bad news and sad endings. Why not indulge in stories that we know will have the payoff we all dream of–an optimistic ending?

Until next time,

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It’s the Small Stuff…

I don’t know if Mother Teresa actually said this, but I sure do like it.

May it inspire you as it does me.

great love


Until next time,

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The Care and Feeding of Yourself

12 steps for..

Good advice, yes?

The folks who put this list together left out one very important item, though: Forgive yourself. Or maybe they lumped “forgive yourself” under “be kind to yourself.” To my mind, the two are related, but separate.

Let’s talk about  forgiving ourselves. We all mess up. Heck, I sure do, sometimes several times in one day. Making mistakes is a big part of the human condition.

Some mistakes are bigger than others. Some can never be forgotten. But if we learn something from our missteps, then at least they have served some purpose.

Isn’t that what mistakes are all about-learning and growing so that we are able to forge ahead as slightly different, slightly wiser and more compassionate beings?

Something to think about…

Until next time, and wishing you self-forgiveness and self-love,


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Thanks for the Memories… and Other Stuff


I was having a bad day. Everything seemed to be going wrong. First, I stubbed my toe, hard, on the way to the bathroom. I broke my favorite mug. Then the toilet overflowed. Without warning, my Word program shut down and I lost half a very good scene that I had failed to save. (You can bet I won’t do that again!)

And on and on.

It was enough to make me scream!


Then I thought about all the good things in my life that I was thankful for. The love and support of family and friends. The book I’d started reading and couldn’t wait to get back to. Suddenly I felt a lot better.

There is always something to be grateful for. When I remember that, the challenges of life are easier to bear.

Until Friday, and wishing you a gratitude-filled day,


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Hump Day Wednesday: Motto for Life


Front steps of Travelers Thali House

Recently, I ate at dinner at Travelers Thali House, an Seattle Indian food restaurant where the chef makes everything homemade, right there on the premises! Fresh and absolutely fabulous. Even if I hadn’t planned to stop in and eat here, the homey look of the place (a big old house, converted into a restaurant) and the message on the steps would’ve drawn me in. Cook with love, eat with passion–who could resist that? 🙂

This great motto applies not only to food, but to life! Cook up whatever you do in your life with love, and be passionate about it.

If that isn’t a recipe for success…

And look at the spices for sale! They fill  an entire wall of the restaurant.


Wall of spices for sale

So many spices to try. This, too, could be a metaphor for flavoring that passion with new fragrances and tastes.

I am fortunate that I found my life’s work as a writer, and that with a little help from the endless choice of spices, my passion for creating stories and sharing them with my lovely readers continues to grow.

Until Friday, feeling blessed and wishing you a life of passion and joy,