The Care and Feeding of Yourself

12 steps for..

Good advice, yes?

The folks who put this list together left out one very important item, though: Forgive yourself. Or maybe they lumped “forgive yourself” under “be kind to yourself.” To my mind, the two are related, but separate.

Let’s talk about  forgiving ourselves. We all mess up. Heck, I sure do, sometimes several times in one day. Making mistakes is a big part of the human condition.

Some mistakes are bigger than others. Some can never be forgotten. But if we learn something from our missteps, then at least they have served some purpose.

Isn’t that what mistakes are all about-learning and growing so that we are able to forge ahead as slightly different, slightly wiser and more compassionate beings?

Something to think about…

Until next time, and wishing you self-forgiveness and self-love,


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