Hump Day Wednesday: The Good Thing about Routines


Getting up at the same time every morning, doing what we do to get prepare for the day ahead –there is something comforting and productive about following a familiar routine. For me, my morning routine signals my brain that it soon will be time to get down to business. I firmly believe that this plays a huge part in achieving my daily goals. And yes, setting measurable goals for the day ahead is part of my routine.

Still, a break from the routine can be just as beneficial, a way to replenish the creative well (I talked about this last Wednesday) or solve a plot problem, or anything else that might be slowing down progress on a work-in-process. A break from the routine doesn’t have to be anything big. It can be as simple as stepping away from the computer to write longhand, pulling weeds from the garden, or cooking.

At the moment, my usual routine is serving me well, so I’ll save the break for another time.

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Until Friday, and wishing you a routine and productive day,


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