Fantastic Friday: Spring Fever!

Seattle Arboretum

Seattle Arboretum, Japanese Gardens

Here in Seattle, we’re having perfect weather– brilliant, blue skies, with temperatures in the mid 80s. It won’t last, and is in fact due to end today, but this entire week has been amazing.

I have the worst case of Spring Fever…Which makes it kinds hard to settle down and work.

Between the seductive devil on one shoulder sweet-talking me with a sly, “Forget about work, Ann–let’s go out and play. You know you want to,” and the angel on the other whispering in a voice sure to attract the attention of my conscience, “You have goals and deadlines, Ann, and as a responsible adult, you really ought focus on your work,” deciding which one to listen to has been a real struggle.

Then I figured out how to satisfy both my devil and my angel and enjoy myself in the process. How? By carefully balancing work and play. I’ve been working until lunch, then spending a few hours outside, then writing for a few more hours. Successfully avoiding both feeling guilty for slacking off and feeling deprived for missing the gorgeous weather has been great.

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Until Monday, and wishing you a weekend filled with balance and joy,


2 thoughts on “Fantastic Friday: Spring Fever!

  1. Lovely picture of the Japanese garden, Ann! We’ve planted a beautiful Japanese flower tree in our yard along with an oak for shade and a dogwood tree. But the one I picked out was the Japanese flower tree – it was my favorite with the pink flowers and it’s already budding! 🙂 I’m glad you’ve enjoyed your week, and truly do hope you have more of those days to play. I’ve never been to Seattle, but I think I’ve read it rains there a lot?

    My writing schedule usually comes in spurts, too – however, I long for the day when I can get in a comfortable routine without someone being sick, my family or myself. Hopefully with the warmer coming, the sicknesses will leave or ease up for everyone to enjoy life and the sunshiney days more. To continue to strive for routine is exhausting, but I know will be worth it when it comes to writing and caring for family. It’s going to be a good weekend 🙂 Hope you have a great one, too!

    Laurie Kozlowski

  2. Hi, Laurie- The rainfall in Seattle is about equal to what the folks in D.C. and Indianapolis get. However, we are often overcast, thanks to the Cascade and Olympic mountains trapping the clouds. In early July, though, the clouds disappear until around mid-October. We don’t get much in the way of humidity or extreme temps here. Some summer, you and your family should vacation up here! <3

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