Creating a New Town

If you read my novels, you know that my stories often take place in small, fictitious towns. I love being able to create a new place for my characters and their stories. That way, I don’t have to make sure a building is on the right street, or that I have the correct name of the mayor.

Choosing the location and the right state is important. I’m working on a new miniseries now, set in Montana, and having a wonderful time visualizing the city. Yep, this place is more a city than a town, complete with a downtown, an uptown and the other side of the tracks. There are ranches, too–some of my heroes are ranchers.I don’t usually draw maps, but found one that intrigues me. To avoid confusion later, I just might draw this place.


Currently I’m working up synopses for three stories set in this new city, but I visualize many more. I’ll keep you posted.

If you have suggestions or comments, let me know.

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