Addiction: The Good Kind

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m an addict. I love every one of my addictions, and am eager to share them with you. In no particular order, here they are:

1. Writing


If I don’t write something every day, I feel… odd. I enjoy writing. Focusing on writing anchors me. Steadies me. Makes me sing inside. Even when the writing is going badly. Well, that isn’t quite true. When I get stuck and can’t write another word until I get unstuck, I angst for hours, sometimes days, hashing over what to do to fix whatever the problem may be.

During this time, don’t expect me to be in a good mood. Trick I have learned over the years to get unstuck: jot down ideas, no matter how ridiculous they seem, get away from the work by doing something totally unrelated,  phone a close writing friend for input. From experience, I have learned that the solution will always come… in its own time.

2. Reading

books 1 blooks bookshelf

Three of the six bookshelves in my home.  The top two are in my office, and include my own books, some of my keeper books (books I reread occasionally and can’t part with) and reference books. The bottom photo is in the family room.

My husband is an avid reader, too, and we have three more bookshelves and a window ledge or two filled with books. Don’t even ask about the books on my e-reader…

3. Coffee


As a naturally caffeinated woman :), I don’t NEED coffee, but I like everything about this drink, from the smell, to the ritual of grinding and brewing, to the taste. I also love treating myself at Starbucks, which I do once or twice a week.

4. Exercise


These are three of my newest exercise T-shirts. Exercise keeps me in shape and makes me feel terrific, and I work out six mornings a week. As you may know from my post last week, I also try to squeeze in a midday walk whenever possible.

Some of my most creative thoughts occur when I’m moving. Don’t ask me why, but I suspect all that physical activity occupies my brain, which allows my subconscious mind to jump to the forefront with really cool ideas.

5. Chocolate

dark chocolate

I can’t do without chocolate. I try to keep it to a minimum, with a square after dinner. But sometimes (who am I kidding: a LOT of the time), one little square is not enough. I like all kinds of chocolate – dark, milk, with or without nuts, with or without fruit, with or without coconut…

I especially enjoy baked goods of all kinds, hot fudge sauce, chocolate malts, candy… Really, all things chocolate.

So there you have it, my top 5 addictions. I’m sure there are more, but I’ve taken enough of your time.

What are your good addictions?  I would love to know, and I’m guessing others would, too!
Until next time,
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Coffee, please

coffee beans

No question about it–I love coffee. The aroma, the ritual of making a pot of the stuff, the taste… What’s not to love?

For years, I’ve used this reliable Capresso coffeemaker that I bought at Costco. I have the option of grinding my own beans or using the pre-ground stuff. I can set it to make strong, medium or weak coffee. Cool, huh? I like this machine and am happy with it.


But then… When I visited Ashland, Oregon, in September, I tried something new (to me, anyway) that blew my coffee tastebuds out the water. Coffee made with the Chemex method. The barista who offered it had me sample both regular coffee and the Chemex-made coffee. The Chemex kind was smoother, richer, and superior to any coffee I’ve ever tasted.

In fact, I was so impressed that I headed for a shop that sold the pot and filters and bought the equipment.

What, you may ask, is Chemex method? It’s an old-fashioned way of brewing coffee, and yet it isn’t widely known or used.


The filters are odd-looking, and require a bit of folding, which isn’t so difficult to master.

CHEMEX fliter

Use any ground coffee, but it should be a fine ground (as opposed to a coarse ground). Follow the instructions, and voilà … Great coffee!


I don’t brew Chemex coffee every day. For that, I use the Capresso. But when I’m in the mood for something special that takes a little manual effort, I reach for the Chemex pot and filters.

Thanks for letting me share.

Until Wednesday, and wishing you a perfect coffee (or tea) day,


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