There’s No Place Like… Rome? Nome? Nope… like Home


I guess you could call me a homebody. Sure, I love to travel… But I love to come home even more.  🙂

Recently (Saturday night) I flew home from San Antonio, Texas, where I attended the fabulous Romance Writers of America conference. I’ve never visited San Antonio before and I loved what I saw of it. I was busy–way too busy– to visit much of the city, but I was fortunate to tour the Alamo and the Manger Hotel, which is supposed to be haunted. If only I could’ve taken the ghost tour! Unfortunately, those tours happened only in the evening, after the sun set and the temperature began to drop. There was so much going on at night that I couldn’t get away.

All in all, it was a wonderful conference. I caught up old friends and made new ones. Talked writing and publishing and exchange information. Networked. Participated in the annual RWA literacy autograph signing, where every penny earned is donated to various literacy organizations. Sat in some great workshops–and taught one, too.

I also managed to snag a few quiet moments. Our hotel sat right on the San Antonio River Walk, which has a lovely path along the river to walk along and relax. I did manage to sneak in a walk here, and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

A peek at the San Antonio River walk

A peek at the San Antonio River walk

But coming home? Such a terrific feeling. Here are two views of Seattle taken from  the window of a plane. I didn’t take either one, but these photographers did a super job.

Aerial view of Seattle in early evening

Aerial view of Seattle in early evening

Another aerial view of Seattle

Another aerial view of Seattle

Now I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work. On that note…

Until Wednesday, and wishing you a productive and enjoyable few days,


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