Pumpkins, unite!


Yesterday, my family and I headed to a pumpkin farm to get our Halloween pumpkins. I love the excitement and fun of culling through the different shapes, sizes and textures of  pumpkins still in the field, choosing just the right ones and bringing them home. Then the hard work begins: cutting off the top and scooping out the guts (messy, but part of the process), sketching a face or design on the skin, and finally, turning that sketch into reality. The results are rarely exactly what we imagined, but wonderful all the same.

Sort of like writing a novel. Searching for the right story, imagining what it will look like. Slowly and patiently and often messily breathing life into it, only to find that the story I have created isn’t quite like the one I first envisioned. I’m always surprised,  but rarely disappointed.

Until Wednesday, and wishing you pumpkin-friendly day,


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