Motivational Monday: It’s June!!


It’s June. Already. Seems like last time I checked, it was Valentine’s Day. Wowza.

Summer is such a beautiful time. Everywhere we look, the life that was lush with promise only a few months ago is now buzzing and humming and hatching and growing and living. It pulls me, mesmerizes me, makes me yearn to be in it and of it. I want my life to be the one buzzing and humming along. Enjoying the great outdoors, spending time with family and friends, eating good food, trying new and different things–I want to be in the arms of all that.

Yet at the same time, a part of me longs to hide away and live deep within the creative realms of my mind, that sacred and magical place where I create stories and bring them to life.

And so lies the dilemma. Go out and be in the real moment, or stay in and immerse myself in a world of my own creation?

I want both! My life is a balancing act, a continual battle consisting of which I want more, and when I want it. So I get my work done, and then go out. Or I go out, and then come in and work. What I choose doesn’t matter–provided it comes guilt-free. (Guilt wreaks havoc on the most perfect of moments… but that’s a whole different topic.) The important thing is that I am the moment and truly experiencing whatever happens. Because then, whether I go out or stay in, the experience feeds my soul.

It’s a good way to live. I guess what I’m saying is, work hard, play hard, and whichever you choose in whatever moment, put your whole heart into it.

Until Wednesday, and wishing you a fabulous day,



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