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talk to myself

“Are you talking to me or yourself?” my husband has been known to ask. That way, he knows whether to listen or not. Smart man.

The thing is, I talk to myself a lot. When I’m in the process of making a decision. When I think through a plot idea for a book or cook or search for a recipe in one of my many recipe boxes. When I decide what to wear to an event or pack for a trip. Occasionally, even when I read. Because, face it, I really pay attention to myself. 🙂

Sure, there are times I grab a pen and notebook (or scrap of paper–whatever I can find),  and scribble my thoughts on paper instead. That works, too.

I don’t know where or how the habit of talking to myself started. I’ve tried to stop it, but sooner or later, it always creeps back.

I try not to do it in public. I don’t want people thinking I’m nuts or something. 🙂 But from time to time, it does happen. If someone is within hearing or seeing distance, I make a joke about talking to myself because know I’m truly listening. People usually smile. Some admit that they to it, too.

I’m pretty sure there lots of folks out there who do the same thing. Why else would the comic above be so popular?

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