Fantastic Friday: Take the Weekend Off!


  • It’s Friday. Yipee! (And I don’t know where that little dot came from or how to get rid of it…) 

    Experts say that we Americans work too hard, rarely taking a full day off. I’m one of them. Speaking strictly for myself, I love what I do and for me work is fun. I usually work for at least a few hours Saturday and Sunday.


    Now and then, though, I take the entire weekend off. That’s what I’m doing that this weekend. I’ll be taking walks, enjoying the flowers and sweet scent of spring and hanging out with family and friends. I’ll might spend time in the garden and I know I’ll go out for dinner. No matter what I do, I plan to thoroughly enjoy myself without a speck of guilt for not sitting at the computer. I know that on Monday, I’ll come back to my desk refreshed and ready to work hard.


    Are you working this weekend? If so, take some time away, even and an hour or two. You deserve it.


    Whatever you do, enjoy!


    Until Monday,



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