The circle of life

I’m woefully behind on blogging, but I have good reasons. A few weeks ago our daughter gave birth to her second child, an adorable little girl. What joy! Just two days later, my 91-year-old father took a turn for the worst. I flew down to Florida to spend his last days with him. I posted a bit about that on Facebook.

Dad was a beloved pediatrician, who raised several generations of kids. When I was growing and later, too, we couldn’t walk down the street or go anywhere without someone coming up to greet him. He retired at 78, and only because he felt his hearing was no longer good enough to hear clearly through the stethoscope.

I learned so much from my dad–a true love of life, a great enjoyment of books and learning, how to listen to others, and to always keep an open mind. Dad didn’t swear much, but not for the usual reasons. “The English language is so diverse and rich,” he said. “Why demean it with swear words everyone else uses?”

Grief is an interesting emotion. It fills me with an awful sorrow, and at times I am literally sick to my stomach. Five minutes later I am ravenous. As for creativity, I find that I’m not up to focusing on writing fiction, but there are so many stories I want to tell, and I know that will soon pass.

That’s all for now.

Thanks for letting me share. I’ll post again soon, I promise.

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