I Swear, I’m Working

There are  time when this froggie could be me!

doing nothing?

Writing is hard work, even when it looks like loafing.  I often sit and gaze into space. Or fiddle with a pen and a pad of paper, making silly doodles or jotting down a word or a phrase. Or open a book or magazine to read, and end up simply staring at the page. Sometimes I even watch the tube or listen to the radio without absorbing a word.

When I do these things, I’m working–I swear! Creativity requires lots of daydreaming and thinking. What-if, could it be done, is it possible, how and where, who and why–these are the stuff of which stories are made.

At the moment, I’m busy editing a book, whipping it into shape for publication. I’m spending countless hours every day making the story as good as I am capable of making it. This process also requires serious thinking and focus, but at this stage, at least for me, most of my thinking happens at the computer.

But soon enough, I’ll be back to looking very much like a goof-off.  Now you know the truth–I’ll actually be hard at work.

Until next time,
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