And… Action!

I am in Ashland, Oregon, enjoying a few days of theater and fun. Ashland is noted for its amazing Oregon Shakespeare Festival, but it also offers contemporary plays. And some of the finest acting I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing. This is our 11th year to attend. We drive down, an 8-hour trek. It’s a fun road trip, and a chance to listen to a book or two on CD.

Actors must audition annually to appear on the theater roster, and they often appear in several plays at the same time. I am continually awed by such amazing skills–and Ashland never takes its actors for granted. It doesn’t want its talent distracted by financial matters, such as making ends meet. Unlike most other cities, where actors must work a full-time job while they appear in productions, the city of Ashland is so supportive of its actors, that it subsidizes housing and provides membership to a local gym (physical fitness helps with acting), among other perks.

Evenings in spring, summer, and part of the fall, many of the Shakespearean plays are presented in this theater (The Elizabethan Theater) under the stars. A magical experience for we who watch.

But Ashland also offers other fun. The Rogue River is nearby, and offers river rafting and enjoyable walks. Or rent a bicycle and look around. Or try a nature walk, or a picnic. There are hotels and motels and B&B’s . There are tons of tasty restaurants and coffee shops and lots of great places to shop.

Can you tell that I’m psyched to be here?

Well, it’s time to get ready for an afternoon show.

Until Monday, and wishing you a weekend of fun,


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