Don’t Forget Your Common Sense


The experts say to follow your heart. I agree… As long as common sense play some part.

In my experience, relying only on my rational brain and ignoring what my heart wants takes me in the wrong direction. So does following my heart without some degree of mental processing. Not too much mental stuff, though, or I just might talk myself out of what really is best for my happiness and well-being.

A combination of both usually leads me down the right path.

How do I know how much of each to listen to? For that, I rely on instinct, aka that good old gut feeling. Does whatever I’m considering feel “right” in my gut, or do I feel queasy, tense or ill-at-ease? I don’t always pay enough attention to those gut feelings, and when I ignore them, I often end up in trouble.

Food for thought, for sure.

Until next time,


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