Don’t Worry… Be Happy

happy life

So true. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years on this planet, it’s that trying to please others never works. Mainly because I can’t control what other people think or care about.

Making money for money’s sake isn’t the answer, either. Not that I’m against making money. 🙂 But no amount of financial riches will make a person happy, not deep down, where it counts.

What I can control are my own thoughts and pleasing myself. Setting concrete, achievable  goals and taking the necessary steps to get there… As Einstein says in the quote, this is the ticket to a happy life.

Why concrete and achievable? Because pie-in-the-sky goals that are impossible to reach doom us to failure. Sure, it’s good to dream big, and I do! But those concrete goals that can be measured in small steps and that I can eventually reach–they are golden. Bonus: they could even lead toward achieving those big dreams.

Reaching a goal is so satisfying!  But don’t stop there. Once you reach that goal, it’s time to set another. After you reach it, set another.

Food for thought, yes?

Until Wednesday, and wishing you goals that you can achieve,


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