Motivational Monday: Nurture Your Inner Child

nurture your inner child

The world seems to move faster every day. And the news–dismal at best. When life seems to get me down, I know it’s time to let my inner child out and pay attention to what she wants.

Laughing, playing, living in the moment–this is what kids do well. No dream is too big, no imaginary scenario too weird. Giving my inner child the freedom she doesn’t get nearly enough of makes her joyous and in turn refreshes and invigorates me.

Next time you feel overwhelmed, step away from your problems and let out your child. Roll up your pant legs and wade through the water. Buy a bottle of bubbles and blow bubbles everywhere. Laugh uproariously at something silly. Forget about the past and the future and stay right where you are, in the moment by moment.

Try it–just for a little while. You won’t be sorry.

Until Wednesday and wishing your inner child a big ol’ belly laugh.