Ya Gotta… Accent the Positive

Interesting fact: I always learn something from the characters in my novels.

A good story is filled with conflict and problems, and I usually throw such terrible obstacles in my characters’ paths. (I love to make them suffer!!) Yet as the true heroes and heroines they are, they always figure out ways to overcome and succeed.

How they do this depends on who they are and the story. I’m never sure how they will triumph, but often, a willingness to learn and a can-do philosophy helps.

It can’t be done? Of course it can, if I just tweak the picture a little…

And so, when I came across this, I thought, Aha… This humorous and positive spin on gray hair is a metaphor for overcoming the trials and challenges of life.


My characters have taught me that no matter how painful or difficult life is, there is always a way to put a  glittery spin on life. Finding the glitter may take some digging and hard work to find, but the reward is worth the effort.

Until next time,

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