Like Houseguests and Fish… A Bad Attitude Stinks After 3 Days

positive attitude

Great quote! I happen to be one of those glass half-full people, and my positive attitude has served me well.

There is nothing as difficult to be around as a person with a “woe is me” attitude. You know what I mean–a person who is bound and determined to feel sorry for themselves and their situation, no matter how many positive things are happening in their lives.

Sure, we all have down times. But come on, there is always a silver lining behind that dark cloud. (And there it is, that half-full attitude of mine.)

Even the small stuff. This is why I use the following bit of wisdom as a guide whenever my attitude takes a dip south.


Take the other day, when I was late meeting friends for dinner. Naturally, the driver in front of me was doing 10 miles under the speed limit, for no particular reason that I could see. I was getting upset. Then I thought, will this matter a year from now? Instant attitude shift. I told myself that on the plus side, the driver in front of me was keeping me from speeding and a possible traffic ticket. Instant calm.

Until Friday and wishing you a positive attitude,


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