Writing time, and the process ain’t easy…


Some writers are able to complete that first draft in record time. I want that, too. I’m impatient as the next person to get the story of my latest work-in-progress on the page.

Instead, progress is at a crawl. Writing the first draft has become a real struggle. You’d think that after some 25-odd novels, I’d have this process down cold. But ironically, the more my skills in the craft of writing grow and develop, the slower I seem to write. Which is why the above quote is perfect. I came across it at just the right time, when I was doubting myself. Now I understand that no matter how slow and arduous the journey seems, I am making definite progress in bringing this story to life. The story will be all the richer for the time taken.

Until Wednesday, and wishing you progress in whatever you do,


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