Costumes, anyone?


So…. what are you wearing today? I’m talking Halloween costumes, of course. 🙂

At the gym this morning, one of the trainers dressed as Wonder Woman. I told her she looked adorable (she’s all of 5’2″ tall). “Adorable?” She frowned. “But I’m Wonder Woman!” So I said she looked fierce. She like that a lot better!

Have you ever worn a costume to work?

Years ago, when I was hired to work in the finance group at what is now Bank of America (armed with my brand new MBA), my boss told me that people dress up for Halloween, and to come to work in costume on my first day. Which just happened to be Halloween. So I did–dressed as a bum, in tattered clothes and a shapeless old hat. I put dried coffee grounds on my face so that I looked like I really need a shave.

Wouldn’t you know I was the ONLY one in costume. If that wasn’t enough, we had an all-department meeting that morning, where I was introduced as the next Whiz Kid on the block. I was really embarrassed, but everyone laughed and so did I.

Still smiling about that one.

Until next time,


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