Be Still, My Brain… As if!


I envy those who spend endless hours in meditation. How do they do it?

My mind just won’t shut up.

That said, I wanted it to. Just for a while. Which is why, several years ago, I purchased an album of Tibetan monks chanting.

From an American perspective, this “music” isn’t melodic or harmonious, but it is pretty darned amazing.  For six months, every morning, after the gym and my shower, but before breakfast, I listened to pieces of a chant. I did this for 5-6 minutes, which was about as much as I could handle before my mind drifted away from the chant and went into its usual frenzied overdrive. And you know what? While I was still, I felt peaceful and centered. What a  wonderful way to start the day.

But then I stopped taking the time to listen.

Why? Because my modus operandi is, “Hurry up and get crackin’. There’s writing to be done!”

It’s been a good three years, and I’m craving that peace again. So… drum role (and Tibetan chimes): I’m going to get back into the routine of spending 5-6 minutes, listening to something that clears my mind and helps me get peaceful and centered. Yes, I know that I have tons of writing to do, and that we are heading into a frenzied time of year. That is exactly why I’m starting again now.

Until next time, and wishing you peace and centeredness,


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