Hump Day Wednesday: Make Your Thoughts Count


thoughts can change your world

Lately, this little gem has been on my mind a lot. I realize that I hold myself back with limiting thoughts. I’m thinking writing here, but other things as well.

Great, but… Now that I acknowledge having those limiting thoughts, what’s the next step?

Why, to simply let go of them.

Not so easy, you’re thinking. I know, because I used to think the same way.  The sad truth of the matter is that I’ve been clinging to these limiting thoughts as an excuse to do what I’ve always done. Not that that’s bad. I’ve had a fair amount of success.

And hey, doing the same old, same old is comfortable. Moving in different directions is a bit scary, like standing at the edge of a cliff without a net. But at the same time, change is exciting, a place where Nooooo! Stay back here, where it’s safe! meets Here I go–Whee!

Lately I’ve taken to repeating a powerful sentence at least once every day. I’m eager to share the words with you. Feel free to repeat them yourself. I am letting go of limiting thoughts and creating limitless possibilities and dreams for myself today.

What a great statement, huh? And it’s working. Already my thoughts are changing, and wow! With the changes come an unexpected burst of energy and enthusiasm that’s been missing from my life for a while now. I can hardly wait to find out where my new way of thinking takes me!!

Until Friday and wishing you a world of limitless possibilities,


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