Don’t just sit there…

ifyou can't

Sage advice, no?

There are those rare and magical times when I feel as if I am flying. Those are the best times, when I know I can do ANYTHING.

But sometimes, forging ahead seems impossible. When that happens, it’s tempting to throw up my hands and give up.

I have a confession to make: With nearly every novel I write, I  feel this way at some point. There are times when I spend days or even weeks, banging my head against a seemingly immovable barrier, working and reworking a few crucial pages or a scene that just isn’t working. That may never work.  And a little voice in my head, a voice I have come to think of as my own mini-demon taunts, “Finishing this book isn’t life or death. Why don’t you throw in the towel? Go ahead, quit.”

I think about that. But I’m no quitter. Never have been. So I give myself a mental kick in the butt, banish that mini-demon to a place where the sun don’t shine, and rework the darned thing again. And again. And again, until I have it right and can at last move forward.

You want to know the funny part? When I finish the draft and reread it, I can’t believe that those few pages or that scene almost beat me. And I’m relieved and proud that I moved forward, even when I wondered if I ever would.

Until next time, and wishing you continued movement forward,


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