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12 Days of Small Town Christmas beginning Midnight Thursday Nov 28…

To kick off the holiday season 23 Harlequin American Romance authors have teamed up to bring you 12 Days of Small Town Christmas with Harlequin American Romance. Whether your ideal romance hero is a businessman, construction worker, cowboy, doctor, fireman, sheriff, or SEAL you’ll find him in an American Romance book where everyday women fall in love with the hero of their dreams!

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I am woefully behind on posting here. My apologies. I’ve been busy writing.

First off, I would like to thank Tabitha Buckmaster, who sent me the most beautiful gift. I’ve hung this near my desktop in my office, where I can always see it.

Tabby's gift

Other news: I finished the first book of my new miniseries. It is now en route to my editor, who is sure to be surprised at receiving it a full week early! The book will be out next June.

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That’s it for now.

I’ll post a recipe soon.

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News to share

Awhile back I posted about the fun of creating a new town for a series of books. In conjunction with the new town I also hatched ideas for three new stories to take place in my new town. Minutes ago my editor called with an offer for all three. Yay!!

My new town is Prosperity, Montana, and the three books will feature three siblings–two brothers and a sister, each the star of their own book.

I am excited to write these stories and will keep you posted with publication dates and more.

Thanks for letting me share my news.


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Pulling out my hair!!

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This has been a trying few weeks. I’m trying to develop a new miniseries. I finally have a town in which to set the miniseries–fictional Prosperity, Montana. Great name, huh?

Now I’m working on the story lines for three books. Wish me luck!

I’ll keep you posted.