You're the One That I Want

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You're the One That I Want

Miracle Falls Book Four
June 10, 2022

First love and old scars make them wary of each other…

In high school, Miracle Falls heartthrob football star Jake Palladino and cheerleader Dahlia Dehl knew they were meant for each other. Then Jake left for college on a football scholarship. Dahlia stayed behind to finish high school. The separation tore their relationship apart and left them both hurt and battle-scarred.

An injury destroyed Jake’s pro football career. Now he’s back in Miracle Falls to work on a short-term project that could jumpstart a new career in public relations. There’s a problem though. Dahlia is in charge of the project. Once burned… As they work together and get to know each other in new ways, feelings they buried long ago begin to grow. Soon, they’re sharing kisses and more.

Can they bridge a way forward and trust each other again?

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