My Sisters

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My Sisters

September 2014

In some families, there is pain and loss, but there is also the unbreakable bond of love. Sisters Margaret, Rose and Quincy Lansing were never a close or loving family. When they receive the tragic news that a car accident has claimed the life of their mother, they must return to their childhood home. In unraveling their mother's secrets, they find not only revelation, but also strength, hope, sisterhood, and a chance for love...

"Ann Roth touches the heart with a relationship story about sisters, loss, seeking maturity, and discovering that special bond that comes only with family. I read every page and loved it." -- Debbie Macomber

"This is my first book by Ann Roth, but it will not be my last. She's written a touching, beautiful story capturing the unique love shared by sisters. The sisters learn to share their burdens, fears and dreams with each other in a very realistic tale of overcoming a less than perfect childhood. The rejection felt as a child growing up, and remembered as an adult, is not always as it truly was experienced." -- Fresh Fiction

"Dysfunction is the hallmark of the Lansing sisters' lives and relationships in Roth's family drama. The primary character in this novel is the late Susan Lansing, whose deeply troubled psyche has etched permanent scars in her daughters' lives. As the action takes place over a short span of time, family secrets are revealed at a fast and furious pace. Roth definitely does drama!" -- Jill M. Smith, RT BookClub

"Award winning author Ann Roth has absolutely captured the complex relationship of sisters and shares it with her readers in such a clearly caring way. She demonstrates through dialog and character studies what drives each of the Lansing sisters and why they are the way they are. As a reader, I was totally immersed in the sister's struggles to let go of their unhappiness and become whole and loving with each other. MY SISTERS by talented Ann Roth evokes tears, laughter and contentment and is a must read for the whole sisterhood of women." --

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