Since I Fell For You

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Since I Fell For You

Saddlers Prairie Book One
January 24, 2020

Leave the Past Behind

That’s life lesson number one for Jenny Wyler. Which is why she’s sequestered in the middle of rural Montana teaching in a one-room schoolhouse. Saddlers Prairie is good and far from the ex-fiancé who ran when he discovered the truth about her family. And from now on, Jenny would keep silent about her past.

But for Abby Dawson, a kindergartner in Jenny’s class, silence isn’t a choice. Not only shy, the little girl may be mute, and her father, Adam, needs Jenny’s help. Determined to give the child a voice, the pair work together while denying their powerful attraction. What could a cattle rancher and big-city teacher have in common anyway? Besides their love of a five-year-old girl. And the damaging secrets they are both hiding… secrets that are bound to leak out.

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Amazon Reviews

"A well written and thought provoking story worth your time.”

"The story is very well written, the characters are well developed and it will melt your heartstrings! Highly Recommend!!!”

"I can only recommend it and as I've read the blurb of the two following books in this series, I can't wait reading them, too.”

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