Falling for Mr. Wrong

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Falling for Mr. Wrong

Dunlin Shores Book Three
May 22, 2019

Has he come back for her?

Mitch Matthews is a regular guest at the Oceanside B and B, but until now he’s never arrived without a beautiful woman at his side. This time he’s here alone, to work on his book. So why, if he came alone for solitude, does he want to spend so much time with the B and B’s sociable owner, Fran Bishop?

Fran has been drawn to Mitch for years, but she knows friendship is as far as their relationship will ever go. The sexy, successful motivational speaker isn’t the type to settle in the sleepy Pacific coast town of Dunlin Shores, Oregon, especially with a woman like Fran, who wants not just a husband and children, but solid roots.

Can this certified hunk be looking at Fran in a whole new way? It takes an extraordinary event for him—and for Fran—to find out.

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"A very emotional, sweet read by Ann Roth. She shows she can take the roughest situations and make them sweet. The chemistry. The romance. The overall story was excellent. I feel so good after reading her books. She creates a world of simplicity and the theme of family. I enjoyed this book and can’t wait to see what is coming!!" ~ BookLover

"I have really enjoyed the 3rd book in the series and can't wait for No. 4 -- the series gets better with each book." ~ Caroline (World of Books) Scott

"I loved this story. Flow is great and it is gripping and exciting. Some nice little sweet bits as well as cute moments. For me this is the best so far even though I loved the first two, it just felt as though the series hit its stride in this one and I read it in just a few hours, lucky me no work. I already have book 4 all ready to read." ~ Amazon.com

"Falling for Mr. Wrong is Fran's story. She's been in the first two books, as she's the owner of Oceanside B&B, so of course, I was curious about her. Her backstory was quite emotional, but I'm not going to speak a word about it, but I will talk about what she has going now. See, she's had a thing for a guest named Mitch, a motivational speaker, who comes to stay at the B & B every year, only he always brings a woman with him, and never the same one. This time, however, he comes alone with sadness in his eyes. So they spend time together, figure out they have chemistry, but there's still a ton of frustrating push & pull that had me yelling at the story more than once. It was like he didn't realize that what he needed was right there in front of him, which made me want to shake him until his teeth rattled. So, how does he finally figure it out? Did she tell him, or did he finally wise up on his own. For answers to those questions, you'll have to one click it! HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!” ~ Amazon.com

"This is my first book in this series and my first by Ann Roth. I am absolutely in love with this book! I cannot wait to read the other books in this series! Fran and Mitch's story is beautiful - it really has everything epic love stories are made of! *sigh* Loved!” ~ Amazon.com

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