Miracle Falls Three Book Collection

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Miracle Falls Three Book Collection

This box set includes Christmas in Miracle Falls, Dream A Little Dream, and It Had to Be You, where men and women find happiness through heartache, forgiveness, and love.

Christmas in Miracle Falls:

After Rylee Wilson's career as a ballerina abruptly tanked, she returned to Miracle Falls, opened a ballet school, and embraced small-town life. Businessman Brock Adams suffered through a painful divorce and steers clear of serious commitments. He thrives on making deals. He’s come to Miracle Falls to care for his young niece for a few weeks and is eager to return to his high-powered job….

Dream A Little Dream:

After high school, Lauren Wilson headed to culinary school to become a chef. When that didn’t pan out, she buried her dream of cooking and worked as a restaurant manager far away from Miracle Falls. Now she’s moved home to start fresh.

With a string of failed relationships and a divorce behind him, attorney Quinn Adams considers himself a bad bet, incapable of forging a lasting relationship...

It Had to Be You:

For years, there’s been one guy that café owner Lolli Oberon can always count on—her closest male friend, Wylie. Their relationship has been purely platonic… That is, until a spur-of-the-moment visit to the falls at Miracle Falls Park and an almost-kiss changes everything. Now Lolli is falling hard for the one man who can truly break her heart...

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