Mr May




Heroes of Rogue Valley: Calendar Guys

Mr. May

Book Five

Firefighter Hank Gardener harbors a heavy secret and crushing guilt —he failed to contain the fire that gutted Deanna Oliver's home and damaged the bed & breakfast she is painstakingly renovating. Can he atone for his mistake and help her rebuild out of the ashes, or will his secret destroy them both?

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Love this book and it's series so far! Love me a fireman! They are HOT!
I received this book in exchange for an honest review. I really enjoyed reading this story. It was romantic but not erotic as soon of them are today. This was simply a man and woman falling in love, just like most normal folks today. I am the wife of a fireman so I enjoy reading love stories about firemen. This author also has Mr, January, February, March and April out now and I have read all of them. I am looking forward to the next one due in June. This is a good read, and sure not to disappoint its reader.

Liked a lot!
This story it's a bit unconventional. There's no alpha male or super chick that knows everything. They are regular people with their doubts, mistakes, faults like you and me. Both of them are looking for love, even they don't know at the beginning.
I must say sometimes I got tired of their "doubts", I wanted them to have their HEA...but I had to be patient for that. They got it, but it took time.
Nice reading, sure waiting for the next one!

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