Just the Way You Are

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Just the Way You Are

Dunlin Shores Book One
May 8, 2019

How can she resist?

After a painful breakup and the loss of her job, Cinnamon Smith feels battered and bruised. The only place to go is her best friend Fran’s bed-and-breakfast in the small coastal town of Dunlin Shores, Oregon. The first person she meets on her arrival is Nick Mahoney, Fran’s handyman. Cinnamon’s attraction to Nick is immediate, and the feeling is definitely mutual.

But Cinnamon has spent years working toward a certain kind of life, a life she can’t have with Nick. Spending time in Dunlin Shores and with him is beginning to change all that. Then she gets a job offer that will put her career goals back on track… Which means choosing between the life she’s always wanted and the love that’s right in front of her.

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"I love this series! Ann Roth is a very talented writer; she makes me feel like these characters are my best friends! Cinnamon and Nick's story was perfect! I loved watching them fall in love! PERFECT!" ~ Messy Bun Book Blog

"I was impressed with this writer and if you like contemporary fiction then you are in for treat. A slow burn feel good book." ~ Caroline (World of Books) Scott

"A beautifully written love story that will melt your heart." ~ Beyond the Covers Blog

"One of my all-time favorite romances is Simple Jess, by Pamela Morse. Just the Way You Are ranks right up there. As someone with slight reading dyslexia and severe numerical dyslexia (I had to take college algebra over three times before I finally passed it), I could completely empathize with Nick. As someone who grew up poor but determined to make something of herself, I could also empathize with Cinnamon. Completely believable characters in a setting reminiscent of New in Town, a favorite movie of mine. Great story.” ~ Amazon.com

"I loved every second of this story. The fact that there was very little sex, and no cursing was a plus in my book. I also liked the fact, that neither character were without their own embarrassing flaws. Imo- This was a really, really sweet, and very well-done small-town romance. I loved all of the characters, the B&B with a seaside setting, and the saving the towns factory. It's a romantic story, but it's also a story of hope and determination to save the town from dying off.” ~ Amazon.com

"I love stories where the town and its inhabitants are as much a part of what's going on as the main characters. Nick and Cinnamon are immediately attracted to each other but hesitate to take the risk of acting on it as they are very different in their goals and outlook on life. Everyone in town conspires to help them. I do think the ending was too short but all is well and the whole story was very enjoyable.” ~ Amazon.com

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