Father of the Year

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Father of the Year

September 2014

Entrepreneur Will Stoner is a competent executive, but when he becomes guardian to the son he never knew about, Will does the only thing he can—he hires help. Nanny Dena Foster's gentle ways take the trepidation out of parenting, and despite a bad marriage that made Will mistrust women, he warms to Dena. Now he wants more from this nurturing beauty—for himself. First he has to erase the doubt in Dena’s eyes about his feelings for her. Is being a successful businessman, caring father and loving husband too much to ask for?

"FATHER OF THE YEAR is a beautifully crafted tale about three vulnerable souls who definitely deserve to be loved. Amazingly talented author, Ann Roth, excels in penning an emotionally stimulating novel that will have readers hooked from the moment Will finds out about Harry. Ann Roth's FATHER OF THE YEAR is a story about family and strong bonds, about love and forgiveness. Warm characters beautifully portrayed, surrounded by deeply compelling emotions and vivid descriptions, all add up to make this a highly recommended romance!"

Leena Hyat, Best Reviews

"Richly drawn characters, passion and strong conflict make this Ann Roth romance topnotch."

Pamela Cohen, RT BookClub

"Author Ann Roth pens a perceptive and tender novel in FATHER OF THE YEAR. Harry provides the impetuous to bring these two wounded hearts together, lending the novel a marvelous depth. These dynamic characters demonstrate the challenge of setting priorities and being willing to risk. Men always have such difficulty identifying and demonstrating their emotions, and Will demonstrates these weaknesses very well. Dena and Will's passion and conflict result in a delightful read, making FATHER OF THE YEAR highly recommended."

Cynthia Penn, WordWeaving.com

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